Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hagel /Craig

The announcement that Sen. Chuck Hagel R-Neb will not run is welcome news to the Pro-Israel community.A member of the Foreign Relations and Intelligence Committees,he is surely not a friendly face on our issues.The Republican Party both nationally and locally,cannot be too upset with the retirement of this maverick.Indeed had he chosen to run again,he would have faced a primary contest,with a possibility of losing.
Nebraska is a "red"state, and thus ,it is likely that his successor will be a Republican.The Attorney General, Governor ,ex-Gov, ,and members of Congress all might have an interest in the seat.
Sen. Larry Craig,who until his arrest was a shoo-in,was more friendly to the U.S.-Israel relationship.He won the election five years ago by 65%.
Assuming (as it appears), that he will proceed with his resignation,the Lt-Gov also a Republican, will probably be appointed to take his place.Idaho, is a very "red" state,and the entire Craig bathroom fiasco will long be forgotten 14 months hence, thus the state should re-elect Craig"s successor.