Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Iran continues to act as an axis of evil participant.NATO caught them red-handed shipping arms to the Taliban.America, has ample proof of Iranian supplies and training of Iraqui insurgents, that has led to the death of over 200 GI's.
Their nuclear program continues,as they ignore international pressures,despite a poor economy.
Their allies Hezbollah and Hamas are the source of instability in the region.Their allies in the Palestinian camps have held off the Labanese army,and Hamas is about to win a victory over Fatah.
Thus it is no coincidence that Sen Joe Lieberman talks about attacking these border Iranian positions,and the lead article in the June Commentary by Norman Podhoretz is entitled " The case for bombing Iran".
Last week saw joint US-Israel military exercise by pilots, and the successful launch of an Israeli satellite that goes over Iran every 90 minutes.
The Jerusalem Post quotes an American military man to the effect that plans for a blockade of Iran if needed, are complete,and have the support of the Pentagon.
I am not advocating military action today,but we are getting close!
What is missing are the voices of liberals (an oxy-moron ?) and moderates on this issue of survival.Harry Reid's initial statement was less than satsfactory.