Thursday, June 28, 2007


It is hard to understand why the President whose popularity is low would get so involved in a major bill opposed by the grass roots in his party,as well as the majority of Republicans in the Congress.
To a great extent there are a number of lessons to be learned from the now defeatd immigration bill.It was very similar to Hillary Clinton's health initiative.Conceived in secret,there were no Committee hearings.The Senate was ready to vote even before a hard copy of the bill was available.The President insulted Republicans who opposed him.
Sen Trent Lott,blamed talk radio.Both overlooked the cynicism of the American people, that the Federal govt. could be trusted.
The bill was too all-encompassing.There should have been a bill tackling stopping the influx of illegals ,and enforcing our current laws. After that problem was under control, the 2-3 million illegals with criminal records should have been deported.Having accomplished that,with enforcement of employer hiring practices, then some sort of temporary permits given to the remaining illegals to work,and to get in line for the path to citizenship.
At the end of the day,despite polls,most Americans do not approve of Amnesty on a massive scale.And no matter how you explain it,Amnesty is Amnesty.
Sen.lindsey Graham probably lost his shot at a V.P. nomination, and John McCain will have to pay the price for getting into bed with Ted Kennedy.