Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Pardon for Libby / The debates

Three cheers for Sen Fred Thompson, who stated clearly that Scooter Libby should be pardoned.This is especially so, if the Judge does not allow him to go free on bail while he is appealing.
The sentence is beyond the Federal guidelines, and the Special Prosecutor brought up the issue of exposing a covert agent's identity, which he (Libby)had nothing to do with,in asking for a three year sentence.The prosecutor knew the name in advance of the State Dept, official,who inadvertently leaked the name.No indictments were made in the case.
The other candidates were not clear on this issue.


The differences between the two parties has been highlited in the debates.
If you believe terrorism is a bumper sticker slogan,then you know where to go.
If you think that bringing all our troops out of Iraq will stop anti-US terror attacks ,the Dems are your party.
If you think socialized medicine will cure our ills,then please show me except for Michael Moore, how many Americans go to Europe or Canada for medical care? vs. the opposite route?
If you believe that 12 million illegals should be give preference on the road to citizenship, then either McCain or the Dems are your path.
If you think tax hikes,will solve our economic problems, then you have no problem sticking with the left.

In truth it is way too early for these debates ,polling and 2 hour election specials.The public will surely get tired very quickly.