Friday, June 01, 2007

Cong Mike Pence (R. Ind)

Last nite, Sheila and I had dinner with Cong. Mike Pence (R-Indiana) at a small event hosted by
Mark Vogel ,Chairman of the Hollywood, Fla pro-Israel group NACPAC.
Pence is one of the ranking members of the House Int Relations Comm.,and a truly great supporter of the US -Israel relationship.A common friend of ours is Hart Hasten of Indianapolis.

Mike and I had a chance to discuss testimony this week by AID ,requesting money for "moderate Palestinians".I think he pretty much agrees with me, that the term is an oxy-moron.
During the course of dinner,I found out that Cong Elliot Engel was sitting shivah for his mother.I immediately called him to express our condolences.
Engel paid Pence a huge compliment by noting that when Pence speaks about Israel,you might mistake him for Engel.I pointed out how Tom Delay at the NY AIPAC dinner a few years ago, stated during his talk,that there was no one in Congress more effective on Israeli issues than Engel.
I predict that in a few years, when Sen Lugar retires,Pence will make the move to the Senate.