Sunday, June 03, 2007

Romney-kosher food veto /1 yr ceasefire ? /House for sale

I was suprised to learn that as Gov. of Mass. ,Mitt Romney vetoed a bill that would have paid for kosher food for nursing home patients.
When I was OU President, I presided over a meeting of all orthodox groups at OU Hdqtrs regarding kosher food in federal prisons.Sadly ,this was the only issue that could bring together such a diverse group.
The fiscal implications were such ,not because of an overwhelming numbers of kosher prisoners,but the expected demands of Muslim prisoners for Halal.This could present a budgetary problem.
Unlike prisoners,these nursing home patients did nothing wrong against society, except develop illnesses together with old age,necessitatng admission to a NH.It is hard to understand such a veto.

During this year, they will have plenty of opportunity to rearm,train in Iran, build smuggling tunnels from Egypt, fortify deep bunkers ,build longer and more accurate rockets etc.When the year is up, even if they kept the cease-fire ( unlikely ), we will see another Lebanon.
Let them disarm all terrorist groups and turn to the rule of law, in order to talk to Israel.


Anyne interested in a beautiful 9 year old home on a lake inRoyal Lakes Community , Boynton Beach Fl., can call 914-522-1524. The owner has vastly reduced the price -it is a 5 minute walk to our ashkenazic OU affiliated minyan,has a 2 car garage ,detached etc.
Our community is growing,and we now have 35 multi-generation families,with a relationship with YU's Center for Jewish Continuity..
There is another small home in Indian Wells across the street, perfect for a senior in a wheel chair or some mild walking disability.