Friday, June 15, 2007


Congratulations to PM Olmert!
He succeeded in changing the name of a "foreign" territory from Gaza to HAMASTAN.
Now would be a good time to give back the Golan,Judea-Samaria and half of Jerusalem,so it doesn't have to be given back piece-meal.

You can cry when you hear American and some Israeli diplomats utter,that maybe this is for the best!Now we can have a peace partner!
The op-ed in todays WSJ by Barry Rubin sums it up perfectly.There is no peace partner-period.

This is a great victory for Iran, and the Mullahs.Whether Hamas for the time being will consolidate their gains in Gaza, and concentrate on social needs, or moves to confront Abbas in the West Bank or Israel,will determine how long Israel has before they will be forced to strike.
Once again,Israeli-US arms are in the hands of terrorists,and will be used to kill Jews.