Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A new refinery / Abbas

Aside from the need for new sources of fossil fuel, conservation and the need to develop alternate sources of energy, is the need to build new refineries.America has not built a new refinery in approximately 25-30 years.
Among the reasons has been opposition from local and State governments that make the process lengthy and costly.This is in addition to the fluctuating price of oil/gas.
I should like to once again throw out a suggestion I made years ago.
The federal govt. should build 1-3 new refineries on federal land,and when completed auction them off to the major oil companies.
Today, because of antiquated facilities, fires etc we are operating below 90% capacity.To keep prices stable or low, we need to function at 92% or better.
With new refineries, the pressure would be off every time a refinery goes off-line for maintenance.

Why is it necessary for the CIA to release secrets regarding an attempt to kill Castro, while he is still alive?

Why should Israel place a halo around Abu Mazen (Abbas)when he is no more "moderate"
than was Arafat?
Besides being a soft-spoken well dressed terrorist who dealt with the intellectual side of terror(instead of the guns/rockets),he is a holocaust denier from his PHD days in Moscow's Lumbumba University.He was a constant companion of Arafat's,even sitting at the dias on the White House Lawn for the Oslo signing.
At every conference,he advised Arafat to hang tough on the "Right of Return" and Jerusalem.His lack of leadership and transparency,and support of corruption make it impossible for him to succeed.
Never once have we heard him tell his people that the so-called"Refugee Problem" must be solved,but not by their return to Israel.
Whe should Israel trust Mubarak who seeks only to reunite Hamas/Fatah.He and Abbas knew exactly the status of each tunnel used for arms smuggling but did nothing?
Even today Abbas attacked Israel for killing 11 terrorists in Gaza ,as a "criminal act."
Abbas is not a peace partner, but a seive for US and Israeli funds to be filtered to the terrorists.