Thursday, June 07, 2007

Avrum Burg-former Zionist/ Paris

During the many years I served in the Jewish Agency,on behalf of the OU and Mizrachi,I had many negative encounters with Avrum Burg.Some hint of it is documented in my book.
Walking around with a mini-yarmulke, he was the most anti-orthodox outspoken individual one could encounter.As Chairman of the Agency, he had great power,and in my opinion was utterly obnoxious.It often seemed that he said and did things to spite those who had reason to expect understanding from him.
Only his respect for his sainted father Dr Yosef Burg,one of the heroes of the creation of the State,and after his death respect for his mother kept him within a certain reasonable boundary.Because of his father, he could claim to be orthodox,though his children went to non-orthodox schools.
Once he left the Agency,and his political career crumbled(member of the Knesset) ,he removed himself from the mainstream.
Now,Burg in an interview in Haaretz,said he is no longer a Zionist,and is in favor of abrogating the Law of Return.Burg also called on Israelis to obtain a foreign passport.
He brings great shame on his family,and is a discredit to the religious Zionist upbringing that his blessed father instilled in him.(Yosef was the head of the NRP-National Religious Party).


I usually don't comment on such silly stuff as Paris Hilton.I just wonder if every unhappy prisoner can call in their private psychiatrist when they become unhappy,and their mental state becomes "fragile"?
My real bone is the media,especially cable that gives us a minute by minute account of such outrageous behavior.We allow celebrities to become the center of fashion,morals,politics etc.
Someone should say to the advertisers --ENOUGH!


The Hershey Pa. Police Dept.,is warning motorists not to signal cars without headlights,or with hi-beams.This is a common "Bloods" gang initiation trick.The first car that signals them,they turn around and kill all the occupants as their "target".
Tonites defeat of cloture is a welcome sign-now lets get on with the job of securing the borders.