Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Immigration ignorance

President Bush is quoted as saying that the opponents of the immigration bill had obviously not read the bill(and thus were ignorant of the particulars).
The President is basically correct!
This bill was hammered out in private.
There were no public or private Senate or House hearings.
The majority of the Senate was in the dark regarding the details(except for the 12 to 18 negotiators).
Most legislators have not had an opportunity to read the full bill.
Listening to the critics of the bill regarding an inability of the government to enforce people returning to their home countries, with the possibility of fraud, is but one example of the future problems.
Another is the huge amount of illegitimate children from these young illegals who are born in the US , with all its subsequent social medical and social services that wii be rendered(as US citizens).It appears that the new crop of illegals arer younger and less educated than previous groups of illegals.
Also there is now a huge influx of illegals,as they contemplate obtaining green cards.
It is thus important to have a full publication of the bill with hearings etc.
At present, no matter how you look at it Amnesty is still Amnesty and is a reward for breaking the law.