Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Too many warnings-not enough action

If you go back months and years to the headlines in the Jerusalem Post or Haaretz,you will find warning after warning by by the Israeli PM to Hamas and other terrorist organizations.Only rarely does the IDF respond,and often these are air attacks against empty buildings.
Even less common, when the terror attacks cannot be ignored, are the attacks answered with bombings of terrorists in autos or machine shops.
The truth is, that victory in combat cannot be achieved with air power alone.Israel learned that lesson in Lebanon, and the US in Afghanistan.
I am neither a military expert or genius, but long before the Gaza pullout, I wrote and spoke up at meetings with Israeli leaders, that the inevitable result of giving up Gaza, was rocket attacks on Sderot.Ashdod and Ashkelon.Furthermore, I wrote that when a "lucky" rocket will cause major human or industrial derstruction,Israel will have no choice but to go back with ground troops into the area.
What is needed now, is a safe zone within Gaza ,controlled by the IDF, from which no rockets can hit Sderot etc.
Short of that, it is all nonsense!


The Labor Party primary was interesting but sad.Peretz is only interested in which position he can attain if he backs the winner in the runoff.No word of what is good for the country.
The Labor Party has become the Arab left wing party and on the whole is irrelevant.
The race for President could be Shimon Peres' last chance to win any type of election.He would if elected, become an activist peacenik in the image of the late Pres. Weitzman.