Monday, May 14, 2007

AIPAC sees the way / Corruption

It is good news that AIPAC has agreed to fund the legal fees for one of their former staffers-Weissman and negotiating with Steve Rosens attorneys to do likewise.Both are under indictment,and await a trial date-the Judge has previously ruled against having a closed trial.
The admonition of Judge Ellis against the government conduct in preventing AIPAC'S financial legal coverage is admirable.
This case should be dismissed as it is clear,that the two were performing the normal activities of professional staffers of hundreds of organizations.
The Jewish Community is finally waking up to publicly support these two public servants .


The Wall Street Journal has written much recently about corruption in the international arena.It is one of the areas where Wolfowitz has attempted to crack down in his leadership of the World Bank.It nay be one of the reasons they are out to get him.
Similarly today there has been renewed discussion regarding stolen oil in Iraq-probably amounting to 35 million dollars weekly.
During our trip to Vietnam and Cambodia,every person that we spoke to related part of the poverty problem to massive corruption.
If the US and the UN cannot solve the coruption scandels that permeates foreign aid,then a new approach must be considered.
We cannot keep throwing good money after bad.This corruption apparently goes all the way to the top in the UN and the receiving countries.