Friday, May 18, 2007

Jerusalem /Immigration

This past week we celebrated Yom Yerushalayim-Jerusalem Re-unification Day.This was an event boycotted by the world diplomatic community.
M.K. Avigdor Lieberman,in an op-ed clearly placed the blame on the Israeli Government.No other country in the world is denied the right to designate their capitol city.He correctly points out that Israel,as the host country,grants extra-territorial rights to buildings in Tel Aviv(aas embassies) etc,when they could refuse to do do so outside of Jerusalem.
In addition,despite non-binding Congressional resolutions,the US neither recognizes Jerusalem as the capitol,nor has its Embassy there(it does have a Consulate for Arab affairs ). Yet the site chosen for the future Embassy is within Western Jerusalem, in non-contested areas.Why not move?
Over the years, I have lobbied in Washington asking for committments to support moving the Embassy.Condoleeza Rice, prior to the first Bush election, promised me in a public meeting that the first act that George Bush would do as Preident ,would be to move the Embassy.
Yet,if you talk to Congressional and Administration leaders, you find that the Embassy issue is never raised by Israeli officials, and may be very low on their wish list.
Lieberman is correct, Israel has itself to blame for the tepid/negative response to her claims of sovereignty.This issue must be on the agenda of every Israeli-US meeting.


Sen Fred Thompson is correct-fix the border first-lets get our security issues resolved, and then try to tackle what to do with the millions who have violated our laws.


Yes,Hamas want Israel to attack-but that should not preclude a stepped up intelligent IDF approach to protect Sderot.Genral Amidror,former head of IDF Intelligence correctly points out,to do do nothing is to allow a repition of the Hizbollah buildup in S Lebanon.