Monday, July 02, 2007

Libby / The Doctors Plot

It is difficult to understand why the President only commuted and did not pardon Scooter Libby.Certainly,the attacks on the Pres. will not be any diminished.Hopefully the full pardon will come through before Bush leaves office.
The Democrats have been yelling about the "fairness doctrine".It is 8.15 PM and the CNN internet site has under the heading of "political comments" on the commutation, six or seven attacks from Democratic Presidential contenders,and not a single statement either from a Republican,or someone supporting Bush.

During Stalins years, the so-called "Doctors plot", was against Jews who Stalin believed were enemies of the State.Of course it was all lies.
Today,we are witnessing Islamic doctors, enjoying all the freedoms and opportunities of Great Britain,who are plotting to destroy Western civilization because of our very freedoms.They do notunderstand that each of us has the right to worship as we desire.
That the world does not yet recognize the full extent of this war is sad.The "war on terror" is not a bumper sticker slogan.
Whether there will be another attack here in the US, we do not know.However,the abundance of street surveillance ,as well as increasd security in England,is surely responsible for the rapid police work.
Instead of political theater by subpeoning the White House ,the Congress should work around the clock,to close our borders, and protect our ports.