Sunday, July 15, 2007


Twenty five years ago,after returning from the Aipac Policy Conference,I realized the need for a pro-Israel Political Action Committee (PAC) in Rockland County.The issues facing the Congress in regard to the Middle East required the most pro-Israel Congress possible.
Paul Findley was in his hey-day.Even in 1982 he was called "Arafats' man in Congress".
AIWACS,jet sales to the Saudis and Jordanians ,political pressure on Israel,foreign aid were just some of the daily issues.
Thus the Hudson Valley PAC (HUVPAC) was born.For 23 years I served as President ,and saw it grow, for a while to be the largest local pro-Israel PAC in the country.
Two years ago,I decided to retire from all the Boards,organizational leadership roles,and foundations that I belonged to. Thankfully this was not due to any health concerns,but a desire to allow the next generation to occupy leadership roles.
Perhaps two years away frrom the excitement was enough!
Nevertheless, upon returning to Rockland I realized that Huvpac could benefit from a little added imput.I have therefore volunteered to serve as Membership Chairman for a limited period,.The needs are as acute as ever.
Weapons sales to the Saudis,Fatah and the Egyptians
European,Arab,US State Deptand UN pressure on Israel for suicidal concessions.
The" New Antisemitism" of the Left
Foreign Aid
These are a partial list of issues that require Congressional imput.
In 2008 ,34 Senate and 435 House seats are up for election.
In 25 years,Huvpac has contributed close to 2 million dollars to over a thousand
races,with a 90% win rate.We support Democrats and Republicans,Liberals and Conservatives,with special emphasis on candidates who come from areas with litle or no Jewish population.
We have been sued unsuccessfully, by pro-Arabists in an attempt to destroy our effectiveness.
I urge you to contribute to Huvpac, and join at the highest level possible.Federal law allows you to contribute up to $5000 per individual.
You can go to -WWW.HUVPAC.ORG for details of the various categories that will allow you to have your name on our stationary etc.
You can mail your membership check to:

Jewish Community Campus
900 Route 45
Pomona NY 10956

Jewish co