Monday, July 09, 2007


Two or three times a year,I cancel my subscription to the NY Times.Not because it is liberal,.but because its anti-Israel bias, and its one-sidedness in attacking Bush and Conservatives, is so palpable that it offends my sense of fairness.
Israel should never be above criticism.I have written repeatedly about what I consider to be the lack of leadership and morality in the knesset/administration in Jerusalem.
Similarly the Bush Presidency has faltered,and not lived up to its promise or potential.It threw away much needed political IOU's on immigration,and privitization of Social Security.At the same time, tax reform,enforcement of existing immigration laws fell by the wayside.Even the commutation of Libby,failed to make me happy,because for the same political cost,he should have pardoned him.Of course the War on Terror,has so far prevented another attack on our homeland.His Supreme Court nominations were right on the mark.
Thus having opinions that do not jive with mine, would not get me angry.
It is however,their use of their news columns,and especially the page one pictures they choose, that emphasizes their bias,and irritates me.
This weekend we saw a huge color picture of a mosque in Lebanon,destroyed by Israel during the war.Who was hiding in the mosque? Were there arms stored there? Did they use the mosque to fire missiles into Israel?Are they sure it was Israel that destroyed the mosque?
Then there was the story about land on the West Bank of Israel.Peace Now charged ,that the settlements were building on Arab land,and using only 9% of the land alloted to them.Unlike the Israeli newspapers that ran the same story the day before,there was no NY Times coverage of settlement leaders, who claimed the story was not factually correct,and that the facts were 2 years old,and steps taken to corect problems.
This weekend ,the NYT ran an unflattering picture of Fred Thompsons wife who they labelled a "trophy wife".Where the picture was taken is not clear,and the extremely low cut neckline,was less than first lady-like.However I have seen very tasteful pictures of her .She is an attorney,and they have two small children and apparently have a stable marriage.
Jackie Kennedy was 13 years younger than JFK,and was considered a "trophy".
Hillary has had her hands full with Bill.Indeed if you look at the relationships of many of our candidates,they are not pristine.Thus the 20 age difference,in the absence of scandel is a non-issue.
Nevertheless, the NYT played it up prominently,and deserves to be taken to task.
All this is icing on the cake.The editorial page, including almost all the op-eds are so tilted to the left that I can use them as a compass.
If they attack and are unhappy,(as in the recent Supreme Court decisions),I know that my contrary opinions are right on target.Lately the Jewish Week serves the same purpose.
For the moment I have not reached the threshold to cancel again!