Thursday, July 19, 2007

paid protesters ! / youtube and the presidential race/ the Bush peace conf

Within the last few weeks Mayor Bloomburg tried to push his congestion pricing scheme on New Yorkers.Despite statistics showing that even under the plan, the improvement envisoned would be miniscule he proceeded with the political hard-ball.
Despite polls showing opposition from the four boroughs (Manhattan was closer to even),as well as the suburbs, he persisted.That certainly is his right.
What I can't understand, is who is paying for people to demonstrate in favor of increased taxation.People do not suddenly get on a bus,get colored T-shirts,and lobby in Albany for the sake of television, unless they are being paid.
As the recent stories of Sen McCains ill-fated campaign show, demonstrations cost money!


Many years ago,when I was in the 8th grade,I ran ( unsuccessfully) for President of the student body.My late uncle Dave, was a printer,and he printed up cards to give out urging my fellow students to vote for me.
If I was in the 8th grade today,I would surely consider sending a video to youtube.It is th "in" medium for self-expression for the MTV-internet generation.
Frank Luntz the noted pollster,pointed out its increasing use by Presidential campaigns.
To me it trivializes the most solemn decision we as a country have to make.Its one thing to pick a fast food restaurant or sexy auto by having co-eds rub their chests or tush against the item to be pushed. Is Obama, Hillary or Rudy a better potential President if they have prettier girls on the boob -tube?
It is almost "soft pornization " of the "selling of a President".
Incidentally, the Obama campaign counts the sale of merchandise as a "campaign contribution".My son pointed out ,that as a collector of political memorabilia,he sent $5 for an Obama sign.He hopes to place it next to the "Kerry fot President" in '04 on his wall of losers.Incidentally he also bought a fully operational Florida ballot box and booth with hanging chads. from 2000.


I have great respect for Michael Oren as an historian.His almost total suport of the Bush proposal for a "peace summit" in the fall does not convince me.The White House has sent out a copy of the WSJ op-ed to their pro-Israel e-mail list.
I have always held that the most dangerous time for Israel, is the final 1 1/2-2 years of the life of an administration.Even the most pro-Israel President,becomes frustrated with the lack of a final Israeli-Arab peace deal, and seeks a foreign policy bonanza by starting to push the envelope.
Bush has been the greatest friend Israel has had.I do not believe that Condi Rice,who will chair the event is an equeal to her boss in this regard.
I recommend two op-ed from the Jerusalem Post,one by Caroline Glick (July 17) reprinted today on RealClearPolitics.Com in which she outlines the total brreakdown of Israel's strategic thinking by releasing prisoners with blood on their hands,and by trying to bribe terrorists to hand in their weapons,following which they are given weapons as members of the Fatah militia.
The last paragraph tells it all.
"And so as he enters his 85th year,Peres is right to feel unfettered in backing the Palestinians against Israel in the name of peace.
For the Palestinians, this is a joke.For Peres this is a dream.And for the Olmert government this is national policy.
The Israeli people must remember to laugh when the bombs begin to drop".
The second article today is by former MK Tommy Lapid.He argues that there can never be peace as long as there are forces within the Arab world that will not accept Israel.
The peace with Jordan and Egypt are in effect only because of the rule of the Hashemite King and President Mubarak.Both are shaky rulers,whose relations with Israel is not supported by the overwhelming majority of the people,academics,students,writers,journalist,inelligentia ,doctors and lawyers.
His final point addresses the question of why have all these conferences,agreements and diplomatic posturing. Its important to go through the motions says Lapid,but what is involved is a "game of illusion".
Again the last line.
"The difficult reality is that there will never be true peace here,and it is important to internalize that fact so as not to set out on a path from which there is no return".