Thursday, July 12, 2007


I was in the gym this morning when the President began his press conference.He is of course in a difficult political position.Nevertheless I personally am prepared to support him and await the Sept. report from General Patreus.
What irked me beyond words, is the hate-pure hate, of so many people who were watching their Tv's as the President came on.It was not a question of disagreement,but of anger that this man elected in a free election,could possibly be our Commander-in-Chief.When I see the reaction of these individuals,I immediately tell them that there is only one greater American hero than Bush.When I answer their question by naming Dick Cheney, they go go wild.All the time I am smiling internally at how easy it is to rile up these liberals.One other point,is the hatred they have for Fox -Tv.Even though ,every network carried the President,these people did not want to be contaminated by watching it on Fox.
I was thinking about going to see the film on slain WSJ reporter Pearl,until I found out that the word "Islamic terrorist" is absent from the movie for political correctness reasons.In addition,the star Angeline Joline,allegedly refused to allow Fox to be invited to the premier event.
It is amazing,how liberals,who should be advocating free speech,and active debate on issues,cannot tolerate criticism or opposing points of view.
We await Hillary's appearance on Meet thr Press!

What I do not hear from Democrats,including the Obama foreign policy article in this months Foreign Policy Magazine,is how they would handle the post-withdrawal problems regarding Iraq(sunni,shiite and kurds),Turkey ,Iran and the threats of the Saudis to enter the fray if Iran supports the shiites with military power.
Under what circumstance if ever would they recommit American troops who are taken off the front lines? If never,what is their purpose? In korea, our troops are ready if needed against the North.What is their Iraqi game-plan beyond a lot of regional conferences and talking? What are Americas red lines or strategic interests in the Gulg, which if crossed would require a response?