Monday, July 30, 2007

Saudi Arms II

The Middle East in now in the beginning-middle of an arms sales frenzy.The continued influx of Iranian arms to Hizbollah/Hamas,Russian sales to Syria,now the Russian sale of 250 long range Sukhoi fighter bombers together with 20 fuel tankers to Iran,and the U.S. package to the Saudis,Egyptians,Israel and other Gulf countries are what we see on the surface.
In regard to Israel,remember each year Congress will have to approve the sale.Superiority in arms,only means you will win.However the enemies firepower will cause more death and destruction before you are victorious.
Both Egypt and the Saudi regime could fall,not to an outside enemy, but to fundamentalists.They need not satellite guided bombs, but jobs,democracy,freedom for their women,religious freedom and an end to the support for the Mullahs.
After our last arms sale to the Saudis, they violated their pledge not to station the planes in Tabruk ,near the Israeli border(minutes in flying time).
Now again Fatah, has revised its stated principles to where they believe resistance
to the Israelis is legitimate.
Olmert should wake up and smell the coffee-the Arab world is not ready for peace talks, unless Israel as a pre-condition withdraws to pre-1967 borders,accepts the "right of return" and make Jerusalem their Capitol.Yes you can talk,but it would be better to tell the President that the price for the proposed arms to Israel is too high.Emphasis should be on pressuring Iran and Russia to stop the arms race.
Peace talks , must be accompanied by solid action on the part of the Palestinians and Arab world.Israel dare not take unilateral action, which is always irreversible.