Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Stop the World- I want to get off !

If supporting Israel was akin to being a Brooklyn Dodger fan ,it would be time to stop rooting.
The frustrations and anger on a daily basis. are truly becoming harder to bear.
To wit:
The Winograd Commission,examining the Lebanese War,is now scheduled to make its report final next year.Although some parts have been released in dribs and drabs, the Commission is treating this as an academic exercise,rather than a national investigation into leadership and tactical errors.The results should lead to changes in the leadership.By postponing its report, they dilute its conclusions,and allow Olmert to strut around as a hero.In fact if he had self-respect, he should have resigned long ago.
Today,not only is Olmert in power,but Barak despite his promises to bring the government down is still supporting Olmert.
The Education Ministry has approved the addition of "The Nakba" into the arabic textbooks of Israeli Arabs.In effect, they institutionalized the concept that the creation of the State of Israel was "A Day of Tragedy" for the Middle East and local Arabs.Now when the Arab citizens of Israel demonstrate against Israel on Yom Haatzmaut,they can point to their textbooks as justification.
Israel releases terrorists of all kinds,and allows mass murderers to vist to help Abbas.Yet, not one single Israeli soldier has been released.As reported the French Ambassador in Lebanon meets daily with Hezbollah ,but the Israeli prisoners are not on the agenda.Yet the French want to have influence on the "peace process".
The settlers from the Gaza withdrawal,are still without homes,jobs or security.Their children are attracted to drugs because of the stress of the move.Yet Olmert and Peres talk only of further settlement withdrawals.
The Supreme Court ,despite IDF protestions, reordered a wall, necessary for security, to come down in Hebron.
Israel reacts with glee when Tony Blair arrives .There is no question that he will pressure the Israelis for concessions they should not make.It is not beyond the deviousness of Olmert, to encourage such public pressure,so that he can say "I had no Choice".
Daily rockets come from Gaza into not only Sderot, but the Negev,into Ashkelon and Ashdod.People live in fear for their homes,and for their children.
Hamas gets stronger each day,and military experts say that the time is coming when Israel will not be able to easily defeat Hamas.
In the meantime,the Israeli response is to bomb a few buildings-usually unoccupied.
While in the West Bank,murderers on the lam for years are given a pass,for signing a paper which can be rescinded at ant time,that they will remain terror-free.
I could go on.However today on Tisha B'Av our national day of mourning,is not a time to give up.Our history teaches us, that we must rededicate our efforts on behalf of our homeland.Yes today political midgets are in charge.Surely Fatah and Abbas will implode, and the true desires of the Arab world to destroy Israel will once again be clear to most objective observers.
This is not a baseball game,but national survival.