Sunday, February 11, 2007

Gov. Spitzer meets reality /Edwards maintains his inconsistency /The Mecca deal

The arrogance and bullying techniques of Atty-General Spitzer has recieved a rude awakening when he applied them as Gov. While I am no fan of the legislative shenanigans of both the Assembly and Senate,the Gov. has come face to face with the fact that he will have to deal with Silver and Bruno,unless he can overthrow Silver and try to make deals with some Republican Senators to switch parties etc.
The Gov will have to take into account the political upheaval and fratricide that could ensue.
He should consider Anger Management,and develop a working relationship with the two bodies.
If not, it will (continue to)make great political theatre.


After my last blog about John Edwards,it became known that he rehired two staffers that he had fired for anti-Catholic writings.The obscene nature of these two womans writings,make it a no-brainer that a Presidential candidate would want to distance himself such individuals on many counts,especially the negative PR
However,after the liberal blogosphere objected, he relented.
Another example of bending to the prevailing pressures!


The summit in Mecca was a joke.Saudia Arabia flexes its wallet and muscles to outbid Iran for dominancy in the Fatah-Hamas world.The end result will be a temporary truce,that cannot last forever,for it will bring no political value to both sides,if Israel and the US stand tall.
The announcement that Hamas will never recognize Israel,nor will they renounce violence permanently (perhaps a cease-fire for a few years!)means that Hamas was the victor of this round.
For Israel,the greater concern is the huge amount of sophisticated arms being smuggled into Gaza.There has to reach a point where Israel says enough is enough and goes in to clean out these weapons stores before it is too late.
The current Temple Mount hooplah in the Arab world,is but another indication of a lack of intellectual honesty on their part when it comes to Israel.Though the world knows the construction does not endanger the Temple Mount,it serves their purpose to scream and incite.For most uneducated people,they become suspicious of the Israelis.
We should never expect in our lifetime,that the Arab world is prepared to accept us or to live in peace with their Jewish neighbors.
Even Egypt observes the cold peace,while closing its eyes to weapons infiltration.