Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Global warming/ Sen. Joe Lieberman

I recall last year that it was one of the coldest -if not THE COLDEST winter in Europe.The US has had extremely cold weather in certain parts of the country, yet we keep hearing about global warming.
When the Hollywood types come to the Oscars IN LARGE GAS-GUZZLING autos, and the former V.P. flies in a private plane,you have to ask how much is hype-and how much fact.?
In reality there are no facts, but hypothoses by individuals who wish to undermine the indusrial world.
The hundreds of billions of dollars they advocatespendingf to correct the problem,would cause major economic harm to this country.Even as we face this avalanche of so called facts,India and China continue to present both present and future problems for cleaner air.
Of course we should aim to rid ourselves to an addiction to fossil fuel,however, it means that the Liberals and Conservationists are going to have to prioritize our worlds needs.
The most important goal,is not to rehabilitate some extinct cockroach, or fish but providing safe energy without dependence on the Middle East, Venezuela etc.
The auto manufacturers can move quicker on battery upgrades.Wind ,solar and nuclear power need a shot in the arm.Coal whether we like it or not is part of the solution,as is ethanol and other biodegradables.
When many scientists are still either skeptical or in the opposing camp,we should not assume that global warming is a fact,and only the liberals understand the problem.
When the Hollywood crowd drives in small electric cars,worry about the atmosphere in their private lives ,then we will take notice of their using recycled paper plates for public consumption.
By the way what are we going to do with all the COW EMISSIONS?


I watched Sen. Joe Lieberman yesterday on Fox.He has really matured as a political Independent, without any party discipline over his head.
I thought as I listened to his common sense approach to the constitutional and military-political problems, what a great VP candidate he would be on the REPUBLICAN ticket with Rudy.
Of course that is not possible.However,I recalled why I was disappointed with him after GORE chose him.Instead of remaing loyal to his positions,and saying "But, as a member of the team, I will defer to the Presidential nominee." Instead he flipped, and adopted the more liberal themes of Kerry. In addition his ill-fated Preidential campaign 4 years ago fizzled out quickly.So, I believe he will remain a great Senator, perhaps king-maker,but avoid a national run.
The recent election I believe has had a major effect on him, and today he is the single most important member of the Senate.
If Guliani is the nominee,I would not at all be suprised to see Joe not only endorse him,but to reciprocate and campaign for him.Hillary went overboard in campaigning against him for no reason.There is a day of political "rechoning"