Friday, February 09, 2007

Dem-flip flops /Islamophobia

The editorial in yesterdays WSJ giving a chronlogy of Hillary Clinton's statements on Iraq ,and an op-ed in the same paper on John Edwards views on Iran are not only compelling reading,but frightening.
Every person is entitled to chamge their minds,even politicians.However when it occurs because of the audience being addressed ,or the polls, it is political cowardice.For a long time,I said that while I disagree with Hillary's domestic agenda,her national security statements were closer to Joe Lieberman's than her fellow Democrats.No longer!
In view if George Soros backing Obama,the all-star Dem. candidates are fighting for left field.Hillary hopes that after she wins the nomination,she can move to left-center.Problem is-who is going to believe her?
By the way John Edwards,noted ambulance-chaser-malpractice lawyer who is building a 27 bedroom 6 million dollar home with a basketball court,should consider giving part of his property to "the other America".
For me the real problem is ,when Israel will be under the gun,and under pressure from Iran ,and threatened by Hizbollah and Hamas can we trust these vacillating politicos?
I think NOT!


I like Rabbi Marc Schneir as an activist and innovator,even if if I disagree with his politics.What he did in the Hamptons is terrific.His association with Kadimah,as its American President ,will be short-lived,for after the next elections,it and the Pensioners Party will be history.
However,his new project to fight ISLAMOPHOBIA ,is another matter.
Helping to erase misunderstanding between the black-Jewish and hispanic-Jewish communities is laudable.Neither seek our destruction.There are always responsible black and hispanic leaders who condemn anti-semitism,or anti-Americanism.
Islam today,as represented by Saudia Arabia,Pakistan,Iran and all of the billion plus non-Asian (exclude khazakstan,Uzbekistan etc) muslims,do not recognize Israel,nor do they criticize the fundamentalists who seek to kill and destroy all that we stand for.I do not condemn each individual muslim,however the tact of the organized community has been to claim discrimination whenever charges are leveled against terrorists,or a film like "24" presents realism.
The Jewish Community in the US awaits some confirmation from the Muslim American Community,that they recognize that not only is their loyalty to our country,but they are prepared to renounce all teachings and acts that threaten civility and true cooperation amongst our two communities.
To my friend Marc,I wish you well.However the stakes are very high and the dangers of being used very real!