Thursday, February 22, 2007

Chlorine as a weapon /Mecca

The additition of chlorine gas,as a weapon of the insurgency is both frightening and shocking.First used in 1915 and then again by the Germans in WWII, no civilized nation has used it in warfare since then.
While it is toxic and poisonous, simply knowing that it is part of the enemy arsenal is enough to frighten civilians and military alike.
The rules of war have changed with the mass introduction of suicide bombers.Allegedly a few thousand have been trained in Pakistan ,willing to die in the name of Jihad.The truth is that we must not defeat the terrorist, but totally destroy them and their evil organizations.
Sadly, as the Democrats come up daily with new surrender ideas,our enemies match them with new concepts that today will shoot down helicopters in Iraq, but surely will be attempted on our shores once we withdraw in defeat.

The Europeans would like nothing better than to have us accept the Mecca deal which allows Hamas to pay lip service to previous agreements, without recognizing Israel.One good point that Jimmy Carter did in his book,is to reprint the Road Map.Clearly step one is to disarm Hamas,Islamic Jihad and other such groups.Hasn't happened,and won't happen!Abbas is weak,and his only interest was in stopping the Hamas-Fatah fighting.
Israel and the US must remain strong on not recognizing the accord.Cong Nita Lowey is to be commended for putting a hold on millions of US money headed for the PA.