Thursday, February 15, 2007

Progressivism /Mecca / N Korea /The demise of the Conservative (jewish) Synagogue Movement

We Jews have always been blessed with self haters.From Egypt,where 80% of Jews died in the night of darkness(for a failure to accept G-d and Moses) to today, we have a ripe supply of Jewish self-haters,who go under the category of "progressives",or left wing liberals or Zionist doubters. Some are real anti-semites.
The Palm Beach Florida Journal is one such a rag.In this weeks issue is a headline across the bottom of the opinion page "Military rule of West bank surpasses South Africa's apartheid"by J. Zel Lurie a senior columnist. For three weeks the editor has written columns endorsing Jimmy Carters book. Think what damage this does to Jewish people and how much our enemies rejoice.
I do not intend to disssect these columns,except to say they are disgusting.I am almost finished reading the Carter book,with notes so that I can analyze it Pesach at the Granit, where I will be a scholar-in-residence.
I will simply state,that I toured S. Africa during the Apartheid era, met with whites and blacks,government and anti-government leaders,and spoke in every single major synagogue in Johannesburg and Capetown and it is pure hate and self degrading venom to compare the situations.(I was back this year, and of course saw the progress),(Beware the Progressives will become more vocal as the '08 season plays out)
My only question is why do Palm Beach Synagogues allow this paper to be distributed on their premises free of charge?And,why do kosher pesach hotel programs advertise in such an anti-zionist paper?


We will see how long the Mecca deal between Fatah and Hamas lasts! As soon as Hamas tries to kill Dahlan who is the Fatah strong man in Gaza,and supposedly Abbas' choice for Vice-Premier, or some similar machination,it will be over.In the meantime,lets keep an eye on the weapons smuggling,the rockets into Sderot,and every single violation of their obligations under the "road map" of not so blessed memory,to disarm and to recognize Israel ,etc.


The deal announced with N.Korea, PERHAPS is a move in the right direction.
But, have we not been here before?Unlike Libya, which gave up its nuclear program and was then rewarded,this deal is predicated upon future negotiations.
Will N. Korea ever give up its nuclear weapons?
Will N. Korea in the interim stop suppying Iran and other countries with nuclear technology?
Will they stop counterfeiting our currency?
Is there an iron-clad inspection mechanism,or a date certain to conclude negotiations?
What happens if they cheat again?


A series of articles in this weeks Jewish Week (NY) made me smile and even laugh.There is an old yiddish expression "laching mit yasherkis" laughing with pain and hurt.
I refer to the Conservative Synagogue Movement,who are in their dying throes even if their paid professionals don't know it!
On June 8,1898, the single most important personality in saving and sustaining Orthodox Jewry in the US, Rabbi Dr.Henry Periera Mendes formed the Orthodox Union.(His story is told both in my autobiography and in the late Saul Bernsteins "Centenary Portrayal").
Rabbi Mendes spoke out with fervor against the growing Reform movement,which he contended was trampling the central tenets of Torah Judiasm,as well as the Conservative movement,which he believed was following the footsteps of the Reform albeit, in a more gradual and less open way.
Now 109 years later,his prophesy has come true.With women clergy,gay marriages and ordination,together with an almost total breakdown in halachic standards ( JEWISH LAW)among their clergy students,practicing "Rabbis" and supporters, the merging of 80% of the faithful with Reform ideology is complete.
Shabbat,kashrut standards both in the home and public arena,Family purity (mikveh) have gone down the tube.Assimilation,Jewish ignorance on the rise.
Page 1 news! 80% of Conservative Jews eat cooked fish in a non-kosher restaurant-DUH!
Conservatve Judiasm has become "PARTICIPATORY THEOLOGY". Meaning, you ask the people what is the halachah=Thats it!
Every Jew with or without a religious education can vote!
Every "Rabbi" can rotate through the Conservative halachic commission.Its a difficult position,since halacha can change every week or year.And, if you don't get the votes this year to change the halacha,be patient next year you may succeed.Or, as happened recently you can vote for 2 different opposing resolutions.(From their point of view it is too bad the Moses was not given a choice on Sinai--one from Column A--
The professionals of the movement,are wonderful people who I am sure see the inconsistencies-but life marches on and we have to adapt.
The 20% who cannot stomach the changes, will move into the Orthodox camp.
SADLY, SADLY the YARSHIKES comes because you have to ask How many of these peoples great-grandchildren will be Jewish? We know what the answer is for the Reform=there is no reason the statistics of these Conservative Jews which were better than the Reform in study after study (but still negative population growth) will not approach their new found partners in subverting Torah from Sinai after the demise of the CONSERVATIVE STANDARDS OF OLD!