Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Edwards does it again !

The blogosphere is really giving it to John Edwards,after his recent remark that the greatest short term threat to world peace,is Israel, if it bombs the Iranian nuclear facilities, triggering nuclear war that would invole the US and Russia.
Sadly there are no comments from Edwards,about Iran going over the red line in nuclear development,terrorism and blackmail as a causi belli.Nor any mention of Iran directly and indirectly killing American troops in Iraq.
There are so many scenarios possible with Iran,Osama, and Islamic Fundamentalism that threaten world peace on a daily basis. without parroting the Europeans, who already believe that Israel is the GREATEST DANGER TO WORLD PEACE.

Two possibilities
1-Edwards who participated in the Herziliya Conference which dealt primarily with the threat of Iran not only to Israel ,but to the world ,did not understand or appreciate the experts, and could not follow what he heard and saw.
2-He shot from the hip, in a flippant manner,HOPING TO STIMULATE HIS CROWD.

In either case, he will soon join Kerry as someone DEEMED unqualified to serve as Presidentwith poor judgement and foreign policy credentials.
If you enter the google-yahoo world on this event,aside from the National Review blog which broke the story,there is ample opportunity for Israel bashers to sprout their wings to protect the left wing of the party,as they espouse the classical European anti-Israel analyses.
Congratulations to Edwards for pissing off the Catholics and the Jews in one week.