Sunday, February 25, 2007

Amana- an important endeavor

My wife and I had the pleasure of spending Shabbat with our children in Teaneck.It certainly is a source of great pride to see your children and grandchildren mature as Torah observant Jews.
While there we walked ino a major controversy.A group of American Jews,concerned about the lack of affordable housing in Yesha-(Judea and Samaria) have come up with a great concept.
They are offering homes for sale to American Jews with an opportunity to rent them out to Israelis.The benefits are many-more housing for Israelis,as well as an opportunity to make a profit.There is also an option to use the home for you or your family.
A public presentation was announced by Amana the sponsoring organization to be held in the Bnai Jeshurin synagogue in Teaneck.
Immediately pro-Arab groups plus left wing Jewish groups of the Peace Now ilk,attacked the proposals and applied to demonstrate,which they did.
Their protestations helped increase the attendance,however the sounds and sights of people with an American flag yelling about Apartheid and occupation is difficult to swallow.
G-d gave us this land,and we furthermore captured it not from any non-existant Palestinian people,but from the Jordanians,who declared war on Israel and lost.Only a stregnthened settlement movement will protect Tel Aviv and other cities from Arab armies,that would be within minutes of striking them.
There is not the slightest hint that Hamas or Fatah truly want peace with Israel.In the last few days since the PA cease-fire over a dozen rockets have hit Southern Israel.
Despite the protesters,this effort is commendable and should be supported.