Sunday, February 18, 2007

Get your Carter book from the Library/ Good old Mitch / Hillary under fire

In answer to two readers who called-I did not buy Carter's book,but took it out at the Public Library.In contradistinction to many books on foreign policy that have a smell of Machievelli,this reads like a high school textbook.It reads as you would imagine him talking.
Without going into substance,the pattern of presenting in depth every nuance , argument and complaint of Assad or Abbas,while painting in broad strokes the position of Israel is measurable.
That is even before you get into historical mistakes and the twisting of events.

As a student of Roberts Rules of Order, it was a pleasure to spend some time while on the treadmill last week watching the Senate Iraq debate on C-Span.My yarmulke goes off to Sen Mitch McConnell, Republican leader for coming out victorious in the non-debate debate.
I would like to suggest another resolution supporting Gen Pettrius who won an 82-0 vote on his confirmation,now that he is leading the troops.
It would be fun to watch the Dems vote against him , when they just voted for him.Or conversely vote for him while they are trying to undermine his military leadership.


The liberal blogosphere is having a ball trying to get Hillary to say she is "SORRY" about her Iraq vote.Its not clear to me why they will not accept her argument, that she voted on faulty intelligence etc.
Personally,I don't care if she uses any type of apologetic term or not.However it is not her style to say " I am sorry."
As I documented in my book, "Journey through the Minefields" after her kissing Mrs Arafat,she came to visit us at the OU.A noted national TV reporter,called me and clearly said that she saw Hillary with the headphones on when Suha attacked the Israelis.
No matter what I said in our private pre-luncheon meeting, she never changed her story that she had not heard Mrs Arafat.
Whether Hillary deserves to be President,should not rest on playing word games regarding a vote that she believes now years later turned out differently than she thought at the time.
Will she be strong on national security in the future is certainly more important.What are her thoughts on Putin? the Taliban in Afghanistan?Free Trade?Energy independence? and so on.Yes Iraq is important,but Americans ,even those who want to withdraw,are going to have to ask Whats next?I have yet to hear a plausible scenario for America in a post-Iraq withdrawal world.
The liberals I believe are showing political immaturity,that may get them an Obama or Edwards as candidate,but will assure a Republican victory.