Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Super Bowl

I am a member of a small minority that did not watch the Super Bowl.Although my children and grandchildren think that my wife and I are somewhat strange in this regard,my aversion to all professional sports goes back to the Brooklyn Dodgers.
Prior to their moving out of Brooklyn,I attended 15-20 games per year,recorded every pitch,and knew every batting average better than Dodger announcer Red Barber.Once they announced the move,I realized Baseball(and then football etc) was not a sport but a business.Only one problem -it was not my business that required my loyalty and devotion,.
So I went cold turkey.and nothing over these past almost 50 years has made me regret my decision.If anything the business aspect has multiplied,as the team and player loyalty to the fans has diminished.
Thus as a real outsider,I cannot get over the hype and prioritization of the game in the American psyche.More strange is this fascination with TV ads that cost millions of dollars per mili-second.
If we would analyze why our society has lost control of morality in the schools,and substituded a permissiveness in the manner of dress for example ,or why there is a need for `policemen in the halls of academia .or a myriad of other political ,social and moral issues the way we analyze these ads,what a better society we would live in.