Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The race card / Social conservatives in the Republican race

It was not expected,when the Obamas' pulled the race card recently.Mrs Obama stated because he is black ,he could be shot in a gas station..I would expect that from Jesse or the Rev Al, but from a US Senator,who ran unopposed for a Senate seat,and now after two benign years of Senate service is runing for POTUS,--UNBELIEVABLE .

Social conservatives up to the present really do not have a hero to back in the Republican race.Romney is an unknown and possibly a flip-flopper.Newt is probably not going to get an opportunity in light of the early Calif-Florida primaries.Jeb Bush ,is wisely laying low.
The more I see John McCain,the more concern I have that he has lost his energy.That excitement is not there.I first met John as a Congressman,when he ran for the Senate.As fellow Vietnam veterans,we are on the same page on so many issues.I hope he realizes that he needs to show vim and vigor to motivate his fans.
Rudy,on the other hand presents a picture of "this is who I am,and have always been,AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE."
It could be that at the end of the day,conservatives will have to realize that national security,terrorism,immigration and the economy (vs the socialism of the Dems)will trump gays ,abortion etc---especially since he has held up Scalia as his ideal USSC Justice.
As when he ran against Hillary,until his health forced his withdrawal he would make a tough campaigner,and a tough President on behalf of American national security and interests.