Sunday, January 11, 2009

Computerizing medical records / Double Standard part ?

The proposal to computerize all of our country's medical records is fraught with danger.While it is terrific to modernize a medical practice,or to have systems in place so that in or out-patients have their medical histories,medications etc clearly stated,it is another thing to place this information on a national grid.

You have to assume that all sense of privacy will be lost.An individual born with a certain gene, or hgh cholesterol, might be denied employment, once companies use private detectives to ferret out the information.

I do not want the world to know what my blood pressure is,or what medications I am on. If I had a malignancy at an early age,but now cured I could be denied life insurance or as I said above employment.If my sister had breast cancer ,and I put that into my familial history,again that can be used against me.

Please don't tell me that no one can access this data. Nonsense!Insurance companies are not supposed to test your blood for HIV,when you apply for life insurance.Do you really believe that the blood drawn is not used for such tests?

As we know from malpractice cases,there are always medical and hospital personell willing to sell information to lawyers and insurance companies.

Health care reform must not be used to socialize our system,provide government care for those who are eligible and can afford private insurance,or to provide a means to deprive individuals of the right to choose their own physicians.

This weeks Torah portion Shemoth, has Pharoh introducing slavery and the destruction of all male Jewish children. Moses sees an Egyptian abusing a Jew, and he kills him. The Torah next describes that Pharoh heard of the death of the Egyptian.

The Rabbis ask "this death he heard of,but what about the deaths of the thousands of Jewish children?"

The world protests Israeli self-defense,and they are outraged.Where were their demonstrations and outrage as rockets rained on innocent Israelis?

THE WORLD NEVER CHANGES! Those who talk about eventual ME peace, have never studied and have even less understanding of the hatred that exists toward the Jewish State.