Thursday, January 08, 2009

Double standard / Panetta

We have to comment on the truthfulness of an anti-Israel proester in Fort Lauderdale,who yelled "Jews -go back to the ovens'.She had either the courage or stupidity to express her true feelings against Jews.That is why when you hear NSC Chief Hadley advise Obama to maintain the Annapolis mechanism, because peace can be achieved this year,is surely well meaning,but smoking the wrong mixture.
The world has a double standard when it comes to Israel,and with all the plans and envoys etc,the bottom line is that the world would be happier without a Jewish State.
I forgot to give credit to AIPAC for its role in putting together the Senate resolution.
The report that Dan Shapiro will join the NSC as the head of Middle Easzt desk is important.As a former Senate staffer,he was involved in the 2003 Syria Accountability Act.Dennis Ross while not exactly my first choice,will be Sec. Clinton's top ME advisor.
I urge you to read Rabbi Marvin Hier's op-ed in todays WSJ on the double standard issue.

Leon Panetta, is surely a well qualified govt. servant. However is he the right man for the CIA.The Obama promise was to rid the Agency of politics,which would hardly describe Panetts's history.
His participation on the Iraq study group , and his aversion to tough questioning of terror suspectd, may be a detriment to our security.