Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It is with deep sorrow that I learned this morning of the passing of our dear friend Avi Blumenfeld OB'M .Sheila and I considered them as close as any relative. We traveled to many parts of the world with Lois and Avi.
He was a very special person.Quiet and dignified, he was a self made successful businessman . Early on as he traveled extensively and worked tirelessly,yet,he always had time for his family and the needs of klal yisrael.Avi was extremely charitable.He was a former President of Community Synagogue in Monsey and of ASHAR. He served as Treasurer of the OU and of the RIETS Board.He was a major contributor to HUVPAC and really every major and minor tsadakah. Not only was he generous, but he was a "sport".Above all he was a mentsch and was very caring
The most important thing to him was his family.His parents z'kl,had a small grocery in the Bronx.and Avi was always there to help them.At a ripe old age his fatherz'l all alone made aliyah to Israel,and raised money for indigent families.
Lois and Avi have one son and 4 daughters ,as well 19 grandchildren.Each one is a ben or bas Torah,and were deeply devoted to him as he was to them..
The last 4 years have been extremely difficult for Lois,as she has struggled to maintain her privacy,and yet carry on as a wife,mother and grandmother ,even as Avi's medical condition sapped his energy
Never once did Avi feel sorry for himself,and he always looked to the future.He left a wonderful legacy of family and friends who will sorely miss him.
May the family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Israel,and know no more sorrow.