Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Tax policy / Senate resolution

Well expecting a bail-out is now a cottage industry.First the financial institutions-banks,then the auto industry,and soon every commercial failure in this country.Housing,commercial real estate ,cities and states are all lining up with their hands outstretched.
Perhaps now that the porn industry is preparing to make a case for itself,can we realize that capitalism ,where you are rewarded for risk that is successful,with a possibility of failure is on the way out.
Giving "tax-cuts" tp people who pay no taxes is pure welfare, and a payoff to Democratic voters of the inner-cities.
Adding 600,000 government jobs means that these hirees will never be eliminated.
We need tax cuts that will encourage investment in industry and for those whose spending will stimulate the economy.
The Republican idea of lending money to the states at 5% interest for a short period,eill prevent waste,when the states will know that they have to pay it back.

================================================================================== The Senate is scheduled to pass a bipartisan resolution tomorrow supporting Israel's right of self-defense.Sponsored bu both Sens Reid and NcConnell. it will send a message to Obama,and the world that our relationship to Israel has not changed.
I see that Richard Haas is being considered for the ME negotiater.He advocates low-level contact with Hamas.
I recall when he was in the White House under Clinton,I never found him to be a true friend of the US-Israel relationship.