Thursday, January 29, 2009


It is hard to conceive of the " change" that our new Pres. has brought .There are still lobbyists in major positions,albeit with"exceptions".There is Nancy Pelosi being as arrogant and brash as usual,basically playing down bipartisanship.True the Presidernt has extended his hand in social friendship,however when it comes to "tachlis" he would not bend.
The more the press analyzes the stimulus package, the more you realize it is pork.Take the modernization of medical records-to save money and lives!
In truth there are no programs capable of such an undertaking.There are nowhere near enough computer technicians who could put them into doctors offices-when available.Small physician practices are not going to swing for the investment needed.This is above all the security and privacy issues we spoke about recently.
So many of the projects in the House bill will not create Jobs in the next 2 years-when we need them.
Those of the pro-Israel community who supported Obama,because he will be there for Israel, will have to keep their eyes on the letter being prepared for Ahmedijean.the Mitchell visit,and the Obama interview on Al Arabyia.
I hope I am wrong, but we are in for tough times.