Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nathan Diament / Sexual stimulus /Help Israel

I am very proud of the expanding role thatNathan Diament has undertaken in Washington as head of the OU's IPA(Institute for Public Affairs).Yesterdays JTA.com has a story about Nathan and his close relationship with Obama going back to Harvard,and of course the basketball court.This positive feeling I have for Nathan,who I originally hired and then opened the Washington office for him to staff does not change my mind that IF he joined Rabbi Lookstein at the inauguratiion church prayer service ,even on his own time that would be an error.You can never forget that in public life your personal persona cannot be differentiated from whom you represent.

Rabbi Lookstein on the other hand was acting as one of the actors,and either did know,or should have known better as to the long held stand of the RCA ,based on his late Rebbe's (Rabbi Soloveichik's ) teachings.


The stimulus package about to be passed by the House,has too little stimulus, and too much pork.Drudge reports that $335 million is going for education to prevent sexually traansmitted diseases.Not too many people will obtain jobs with such funding.This is but one small example of the Dem. direction.


Reading through Foreign Affairs magazine,and othe so-called scholarly journals of foreign policy,one sees that the so-called experts are out in full force to place the Arab-Israeli conlict at the center of every ill,and that good-willed Israelis (to be read not Netanyahu) realize that the path to peace is by breaking up settlements etc.
It reminds me of the old George Ball article on "How we have to help Israel in spite of itself"Luckily Ball is not around anymore but his ideas are.