Friday, January 30, 2009

Stimulus / Mitchell

So much is written and discussed about the stimulus package, that anything I write would be superfluous.However the talking heads are working on the assumption that it it is an almost perfect package.Therefore how will the Republican Party look at the voters and say they voted against jobs etc.
Well if the next 12 months sees a recovery based upon this package,they will have been proven right.However if not, the Reps will look like heroes,
What the Pres. is doing wrong,and with this I agree with Rush Limbaugh ,is planting a sense of doom and gloom. in fact the economic news is not worse than the Reagan recession.
The Pres. is making a mistake not to rein in Pelosi,Conyers ,Stark et al who have no problems with re-election,and care little for bipartisanship.

It was nice to hear that Sen. Mitchell in enunciating the new Administrations policies,mentioned not only the Road Map (long dead!) ,but Pres GW Bush's letter of 2004 regarding no Palestinians to return to Israel, and retention of the large settlement blocs.
A reasonable beginning!