Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl, / Iraq / Daschle ? Hamas

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, and while I have no interest in the game (no sports interest since the Brookly Dodgers left Bkly) I find it amazing that the Pittsburgh schools will open late tomorrow since tonite is a late nite.
To me it sends the wrong signals regarding priorities and the elevated role of sports in our childrens lives.

The election in Iraq has been completed without violence.Millions voted, and we hear little to say "Thank you Pres. Bush for the surge that worked".It looks now that the 16 months pullout was really a campaign slogan.


Sen Tom Daschle earned 5 million dollars in the last 2 years.Much of it was from speeches to health related industries that he would relate to if confirmed.He was given a chauffeur driven limousine by ba rich friend, and forgot to pay income taxes.His wife is a lobbyist.
If he is confirmed by his former colleagues, then the whole process from vetting to confirmation is a sham.


The rocket attacks continue,and the Iranianians similarly use hidden holds in ships to send explosives to Hamas.The war did not end the problem.