Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A bad week

I have been thinking all day about Obama as our new President.If we look at his performance on personell,legislative leadership and ability to lead,I believe he is in over his head.
He is a great orator,and terrific campaigner.However he never ran or administered anything.So we see sharp campaign rhetoric on ethics but "bubkes" on the ground.
Richardson, Geitner Daschle and the efficiency lady all with tax or legal problems. Former lobbyists being given free passes.
The Pres. backed down on Buy America, because it was not well thought out.
The House bill passed without a Rep. vote., and public opinion is turning against the stimulus.The Obama answer is to mobilize parlor meetings of citizens to support the package-like a fuller brush prersentation.
Question=how many of those people hosting parties know whats in the bill?
The Pres. appears poorly prepared to lead.
Today, Iran sent a satellite into space. and N.Korea threatesn to shoot an ICBM. The rockets fall in Gaza,and India=Pakistan-Kashmir are all powderkegs.
The Pres. is not the superman promised-,but so far he still has good will.However a few more days and weeks like this and the honeymoon will really be over.