Thursday, February 12, 2009

American Mevinim

There are many democracies in the world,and part of that tradition is free elections.Each country has their own laws and traditions.and perhaps we Americans don't understand ,appreciate or feel comfortable with the individual methodologies.Of course, we are not perfect either.The electoral College,certainly can be criticized, as can the primaries vs the caucuses as representing the voters.
Nevertheless,as I stated previously we respect each democracy except one.
It is outrageous that American Jews and Jewish groups have a public opinion and try to interfere with the results of the Israeli elections. The ADL ,self -appointed Jewish spokesman congratulates Livni on her victory.K Street and the left warn Israel abour a right wing govt. The ZOA takes a opposite tack.All of this even before the official counts are in.
None of these groups or their children fight in the Army,pay taxes or have to worry about Grad missiles.
A coalition government in any country is a delicate task.This is even more so in Israel where the issues of Hamas,Hezbollah,Iran,Jerusalem ,the settlements,and of course the economy are matters of national survival.
Anericans who want to tell Israel where to go,left or right,should call Nefesh B'nefesh and make aliya.Barring that,its time for them to keep quiet and support the process.