Friday, February 27, 2009


Thank G-d it's Shabbat in another hour.
Being able to avoid observing and discussing the daily decline of our economy and the continued planned assasination of the investor class is worth every moment of spiritual rest.The situation we find ourselves in, can drive you to drink,depression anger,frustration and finally capitulation. The sabbath allows you to bury your thoughts and concentrate on spiritual matters ,especially the welfare of your family and your people.
Unfortunately Sat nite. brings you back to economic reality.
On top of our domestic problems,we see a real lack of leadership on N. Korea,and battling Islamic fundamentalism.
Hamas everyday sends in rockets,and the US wants to know why Israel is not rebuilding Gaza.
Everyday Iran moves closer to nuclear operation and we talk about more talk!

Two more years until the mid-term election is a long time,and the Republican party has a humongous task ahead to get good candidates and reverse the huge Dem. margins.The Dems won, and they have 2,4,6 or 8 years to turn us unto a second rate power,economically and strategically.Hopefully the Senate Reps will not break ranks in the march to block socialism.