Sunday, March 01, 2009

Mitchell and Hillary gang up on Bibi

The Israeli political picture is to say the least up in the air.
The PM is finally to be indicted-I assume as soon as a new PM takes over.
Bibi is trying to stitch together a deal for a new govt.,as Livni calls him names(sticks and stones....)
Barak is trying to find a way to stay on as Defense Minister even as his party wants to stay in opposition.Similarly Mofaz of kadimah would like to be defense Min if kadimah would join.
Improved Hamas rockets are still coming in,and the dangers of Hamas,and Iran grow each day.
In the middle of this muddle,comes Sen. George Mitchell.
Why cannot our govt. give Bibi a chance to form a govt., with agreed upon principles, before trying to apply pressure?Or are they trying to influence the makeup of the new team?ie. force him to accept Livni on her terms?
If my memory serves me right,the last time he was PM, even before his staff knew where the toilet paper was,the American team was there to apply pressure.I had an appointment to see him,and at the last minute was told that it had to be cancelled,while I was sittting in the outer office.I remember the late David Bar Illan,then Bibi's Chief of Staff telling me that the Americans came almost unannounced (Ross or Indyk ?)
And now Hillary comes,despite the fact that Hamas will not recognize Israel . Abbas is not even technically the "President " of the PA., and he minimally controls zero part of Gaza.
It is time for Bibi to bring up once again the 14 objections of Sharon when Israel accepted the road map.
How can there be progress as long as they have Shalit,and continue their rocket barrages?