Monday, March 09, 2009

Tuoro Medical School

Purim is a time for parody and kidding around.And so in that spirit I thought the news that Tuoro College was buying New York Medical College was in the Purim mode.
Except that I know the genius of Dr. Bernard Lander the President of Tuoro, who has built the school into a world-wide instituion.Over the years, I have come to respect him for his intellect and his ability to make his school grow in so many diverse areas.
For about 4 months I volunteered to be the Chairman of the Women's College prior to my becoming OU Pres,and saw up close his unbelievable talent.
On one occasion I brought together Dr. Lander and Itamar Rabinovich then Israeli Ambassador to the US, and currently Pres of Tel Aviv Univ.Dr. Lander asked me to stay for a few minutes,as he went over his background.I was amazed at his accomplishments,from serving in the LaGuardia cabinet in NYC,to his role in Notre Dame U. as well as YU.
For a few years I was Assoc. Clinical Prof of Surgery at New York Medical College at Valhalla.They have the potential to become a top tier hospital and school,and I wish my old friend Dr. Lander much good health and success.