Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Labor-Likud / AIG

About 4 weeks ago,or perhaps longer,I raised the high probability of Ehud Barak joining the cabinet with his party.It is almost unbelievable that Bibi who ran on the right,should give away so many mandates to Labor.What will be left for the 5 or 6 Likudniks who worked for Bibi , joined the party for him,and now will be out in left field? Perhaps a cabinet member without portfolio.It is not clear yet at this time what if anything is to be with Avigdor Lieberman.Do not be suprised if Bibi fails,that in the next election Lieberman will wind up[ as numbere one

For the umpteenth time,the whole AIG bonus controversy is a smokescreen for the whole concept of " too large to fail". Sheila Bair,the head of the FDIC who seems to be the most level headed of the financial team in Washington testified before Congress that it is time for just such action.If you broke up AIG into smaller parts,successful companies would take over the slack,and those who deserve to fail will do so.In our system we do not (nor should we) reward failure .
Wall Street and corporate Amerixca,are getting their just desserts for supporting Obama during this election.In retrospect,the best Republican candidate would have been Gov. Romney,with such a vast economic background