Monday, March 23, 2009

A Geithner Reprieve (for how long?)

I just completed our semi-annual drive from Florida to Fort Lee.Our inter-atate highway system from Florida to Maryland without ,tolls is quite a feat.Why the NYC briges cannot use the same methods of E-Z Pass payment without thr barrier closing after each car is beyond me.
Of course the ride was made more pleasant by the new of the huge Wall St. response to the bailout of the toxic assets.I did not have an opportunity to get the details,however 2 things come to mind.
1-the way the Congress and the public are in a "hanging mood", why would private companies want to get involved in dealing with the govt., when the rules can retroactively change,and you could wind up before a Congressional firing squad?
2-Who wiull determine the worth of the assets the banks are getting rid of?Certainly the interests of the banks,the private investors and the treasury are at odds.