Saturday, March 21, 2009

Iran /Syria / Hamas

On the same weekend that the public is becoming aware of the role that Iran played in financing the N. Korea-Syria reactor,comes news of the Obama outreach to Iran.
One should read todays op-ed by John Bolton in the WSJ Of course Iran will make some positive moves,all for the purposes of killing time as they move along their way to nuclear proficiency.
Israel does not have the benefit of waiting ad infinitum.Therefore, Obama should realize that this is a slippery slope dealing with Iran,and we will fall off the slope if we are not careful.

The response of the Syrians that they can deal with Netanyahu is intresting.There can be negotiations, if Israel promises to give back all of the Golan, and agrees to the "right of return".
Sounds simple-what's left to negotiate?

Since the Egyptian negotiations between the PA and Hamas broke down because the latter will never recognize Israel,what point is there for Israeli-PA negotiations?
The PA does not represent Gaza,and if there were W. Bank elections, Hamas would probably win.
The whole idea of 2 States is ridiculous,especially since Abbas wants Jerusalem as his capital.This plus refugees, are non-starters.