Friday, March 13, 2009


What we don't hear is the US position on the antics of N. Korea.The Japanese have stated clearly that if the missile seems to be going their way, they will shoot it down.
After all the wasted diplomacy with N. Korea and the blackmail isn't it time for us to say clearly we will not tolerate a missile test.
Believe me, Iran watches carefully. They know that if we act weak there, we can be pushed around, and they will do it.

The US is correct to let the UK know that we disagree with their overtures to Hizbollah.They are a terrorist organization in the employ of Iran.You cannot differentiate between a political and military wing of sn organization like Hamas,Hizbollah or Al Quida.

It is no secret that I disagree with the social and most of the foreign policy initiatives of the President.However,I am truly impressed with his oratorical and political skills.
I was silly and immature enough to hope that maybe there would be a change in the Washington culture.Alas, he is just simply another politician, who is very glib,but a poor administrator,who wants to accomplish everything at once even if they are poorly thought out.
A real ideaologue.
His promises on -No lobbyists,careful vetting- real post partisan consultations-no earmarks-no signing statement-5 days transparency before signing bills and so on -all are simply campaign rhetoric.And the Dems with Rangel. Murtha ,Dodd etc are setting themselves up for a mirror image of Republican sins