Monday, March 30, 2009

oil change guaranteed by Washington / boycott

Let me get this straight.If Detroit goes belly-up, and you buy a car subsequently, your service will be guaranteed by Washington.So if you take your car in and are unhappy with the result I assume you have to call your Congressman.I am confident that will reassure prospective car buyers.
As long as the President is micromanaging Detroit,he should make sure that the cars they produce are in line with the desires of Main St.Gas mileage is nice,but Americans still like luxury,and speed.
At the end of the day,the market will deciede on which company will survive,and not Washington.Let them go bankrupt,if that is the path to renegotiated contracts etc,and like the airlines,the consumer will respond.

More and more markets in Europe etc. are boycotting products from Israel because
of the Gaza operation, or because of the "occupation ".Perhaps it is time for Americans to boycott those countries who are at fault by not purchasing pravoiding oducts and tourism.