Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Iran / Rush

The editorial in this mornings WSJ,and the JP story on the report of the Washington Institute of Near East Policy,should serve as a real wake-up call to the President on the ticking nuclear clock of Iran.
It is too late to try to play games with Russia regarding delivery of nuclear products and batteries of protective missiles which have been sent to Iran.
When Ehud Barak talks of "options" if diplomacy-economic sanctions don't the WSJ points out it is clear to everyone that he is referring to mulitary (unilateral by Israel ) action.
That is why I believe in the end Barak will stay on as Defense Minister even if his party is upset.
Sec. Clinton knows full well all the options and scenarios,however like a good Obama soldier she is parroting the party line. There is no sense talking to Abbas if Hamas won't change its tune.
Israel cannot allow steel and concrete into Gaza that would allow Hamas to fortify bunkers.That is besides the Shalit question, and the issues of rockets and weapons smuggling.
What is needed is a total economic blockade,including gasoline which Iran must import.Beyond that is a date certain for action.

While I find Rush entertaining for a few minutes, there is no way I can tolerate 3 hours of his talking. He is however well informed and provocative.
I really only hear some of his program when I am in the South for the winter.
The decision of the White House from the President on down,may make sense to them in the short run.However it is demeaning for a President to respond in such a manner.
Moreover,Rush is on 5 or 6 days a Week, and he can keep this battle on indefinately.He loves it.However attacking Rush tit for tat will only cloud so many issues the Dems want to concentrate on.Look at how much cable news time is devoted to Rush,and how this over and over again highlites the left wing anti-capitalist agenda of the Obamaites.