Thursday, March 12, 2009


I don't read the NYT for many reasons,icluding its anti-Israel bias.I also find the editorials and most of their columnists too far left for my blood pressure.The matrimonial section on Sun. with "gay marriages" is like icing on a sour cake.
Thus,I did not realize that the paper with all that they think is fit to print,didn't have a word about the Chas Freeman appointment,and the furor it created.It was too good an appointment of an anti-Israel individual. to upset the applecart.
I thank my brother-in-law Kal Hartstein for pointing out the Politico article.

Shame on UN Sec.-Gen Ban who insulted the US for claiming that we are not spending enough to support the UN.We are by far the largesr UN contributor ,and have seen very little reorganization and wiping out of corruption ( oil for food ! ) as promised.

I am not a costitutional lawyer,however it seems to me that the provision placed into the stimulus package regarding State Legislatures might be unconstitutional.Gov. Mark Sanford wishes to reject the federal funds,because in 2 years they will run out, and the State will be left holding the bag. The same goes for unemploynent funding.However,if the State legislature overules the Gov,.then the money will go to the state.Can a Gov. veto this?